“Thank you for your excellent work. Hope working with you soon again.”

Linguamondi GbR

“Sevda Ros is one of the most professional people I have ever worked with. She is an excellent translator, highly autonomous, solutions oriented and results driven. Sevda Ros builds long-lasting relationships with her customers and team members, and I truly hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future. I have 100% confidence in her ability to be successful at any new challenge.”

Royce Cummings

Plant Operations Manager at Domtar

“Sevda Ros is a very bright translation professional with a broad set of skills and experiences. She is a hard working, well organized translator who consistently delivers on her commitments. Great Personality and always thinks out of Box to get the work done and shows good spirit to get the work done and shares her knowledge with other professionals and always eager to learn new technologies. Always trying to strengthen her personal network and her friends and colleagues network.”

Angelo Frank

Area Director of Business Develpment at Simon Property Group

“Sevda Ros has the truly unique ability to work with difficult people in difficult situations in the most professional manner possible. She can be demanding and hold others accountable without being combative or insulting. She deals well with criticism – even when it is less than constructive, and un-called for. Very professional and tactful.”

Julia Sparks

Director Supply Chain Management at Rockwell Collins

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sevda Ros and I am very impressed with her passion and knowledge of translation. If you are looking for someone who is at the cutting edge of the translation, then I would sign up with her immediately.”

Marion Bean

Change Management Consultant at Marriott International

“Professional and competent translator.”

Cailynn Reynolds

Sr. Contract Specialist at Citizens Financial Group, Inc.

“Finding a quality service in any industry can be challenging and if you have worked with language translations services in the past, then you already know that there are many different levels of service that are provided by both large and small interpreting, translation and transliteration service companies. I currently work very closely with an ASL translation company and after viewing the quality of service Sevda Ros offers at her own company I can tell that they are using very high moral standards in all that she does as well as working with highly certified and capable translators.

Offering English to Bulgarian, German To Bulgarian, and other language translation services through her own translation company Sevda or one of her freelance associates makes finding the right type of interpreting service you need both fast and really easy. If you are looking for verbal translations, web content translations or simply need help translating documents, Sevda Ros can help you get the service you need and guarantees accuracy the first time every time. Give Sevda’s service a try and see why her services are so popular, highly trained translators are hard to find and here is one that you can contact with confidence right here on LinkedIn.”

Nick Simpson

Owner at NS Technologies

“Sevda has a wide range of experience and expert translation skills which brings logic and reason to any conversation, decision or context. She is always a key contributor to projects and work efforts. Sevda has always been a highly regarded resource and a stable element in what is oftentimes an irrational and harsh production environment.”

Alvaro Riggs

Regional Sales Manager at Netsertive

“I would certainly recommend Sevda as a Bulgarian translator. I sincerely hope that Sevda and I have the opportunity to work together in the future!”

Antoine Kelley

Key Account Manager at HP

“Sevda is an insightful participant and every turn. She’s always there offering frank advice and a fresh perspective on a variety of issues. She is strong on all topics related to translation, but understands all aspects of business and running a company.”

Maurice Hudson

Regional VP at Realty Capital Securities

“We really appreciated to work with Sevda. Smooth processing, nice contact, high quality.”

Anibal Lee

Assistant Manager of Operations at TJX Canada/Winners Merchants International L.P.

“Excellent translator.”

Gene Hurley

Vice President Finance at Medtronic

“Sevda is a detail oriented individual who brings a unique and enthusiastic team approach to the business. She has a wonderful ability to think outside of the box and her passion for success is contagious! It’s a pleasure to work with Sevda.”

Shawn Schumacher

PMP Certified Senior Project Management Contractor at Aligned Project Management

“Sevda is relentlessly enthusiastic, smart, and a pleasure to work with.”

Morris Lyons

University Relations and Diversity Recruiter at Ericsson

“Sevda always has incredibly brilliant ideas and feedback. She is someone I truly enjoy working with and trust with my business and friendship.”

Tom Woods

Principal Consultant at Spencer-Ogden