Sevda Ros

I am an experienced bulgarian translator and member of American Translators Association.

Fields of specialty:

• Marketing brochures and leaflets
• Websites localization
• IT, technology and communications
• Translator of films from English to Bulgarian and from German to Bulgarian for the European Parliament: Shun Li and the Poet, Tabu, Class Enemy, Ida, Mediterranea, As I Open My Eyes, My Life as a Courgette, Toni Erdmann, Sámi Blood, Western.
• Medical appliances user’s manuals
• Annual reports and economic studies
• Legal documentation
• Financial statements
• Instructions manuals for electronic, mechanical appliances


Well, you know that feeling when you visit a website or read a brochure or report, and it’s littered with errors or the text is garbled? And if you’re like me, it really irritates you because all the mistakes detract from the message, and it makes you feel as if the company’s sloppy and unprofessional, and that you don’t want to buy from them because what they’re selling might be sloppy, too? I’m the person who stops that from happening. I’m an experienced bulgarian translator and I make commercial businesses’ written materials fit for purpose and compelling to read. And that gives them a competitive edge.

All documents and work shall be treated as confidential. The client will be provided with a signed confidentiality statement upon request.

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